Power to Gas

Power to Gas is a cutting-edge process that captures surplus wind and solar energy and converts it to renewable natural gas or hydrogen through electrolysis. This renewable energy can be stored and then blended into our pipeline system to one day serve homes, businesses and vehicles.

What Is It?

Power to Gas is a key pathway to producing renewable hydrogen, which can be blended with natural gas in pipelines or used as a vehicle fuel. It’s plentiful and clean, releasing only water when combusted. Another Power to Gas process is to add carbon to the hydrogen, producing renewable natural gas that can also be blended into the pipeline system. Today in Germany, more than 20 Power to Gas pilot projects are helping the country manage a transition to more wind and solar energy.

SoCalGas and the University of California, Irvine, are working to explore the potential of Power to Gas in this innovative pilot project:

UC Irvine Campus Pilot

Looking to the future, NW Natural is actively supporting the development of Power to Gas in our region. Using the learnings from pilot projects in California and Canada, we are exploring ways this technology can be used here in the Northwest to create a new source of renewable natural gas.


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